My header image for the beginning of 2018 is an oil painting I recently completed titled "The Walk". Sometimes I find that it's important to escape from everything and clear my head. There's so much going on in the world that distance from it all gives me more clarity and the ability to cope with it all. Nature has a way of nurturing and returning me to a balanced place. Chaos disappears and for the moment I'm at peace.
Recently I changed my name from P.K. Margis to P.A. Margis.
Why did I do this? The short answer is that it was time to be more authentic.
Years ago I made the business decision to take on the pen name of P.K. Margis. But recently I've decided that this is no longer necessary and have changed it back to my real name P.A. Margis. 
My new site is It looks exactly like but the web address has changed. Once the search engines have recognized pamargis I'll be deleting pkmargis.
In the meantime I'm content  to be back to my authentic self.