The IMPACT of what I create.

We create a lot of stuff...
….movies, games, bird whistles, paintings, sculpture, buildings, cars, jewelry, wine, cereal and bridges. You name it and we’re busy creating it on this little planet of ours. We create a lot of stuff...beautiful, good, neutral, bad and ugly.

We just love doing it.  
And I'm up there with the best of them. I love to create stuff...especially art. Hey, I'm just doing my part as a microcosmic creator in this vast universe of ours.  I even like creating this art blog. 

But here's a thought...
I've got carte blanche, free-will, to create whatever I want.
Do I care about how my creations impacts others? Does it matter that my paintings make someone feel good, bad or indifferent? Does it matter if I'm self centered with my art?

Grayson Perry

The shoe that fits one person pinches another." Carl Jung

For artists like Grayson Perry, art is personal therapy. Andy Warhol painted soup cans because he liked soup. Andy Goldsworthy likes nature. da Vinci liked anatomy, Helen Frankenthaler liked shapes. Banksy likes anti-establishment.

The Magnificent Solution
painting by P.A. Margis

It all about personal preference.
I like to question my painting The Magnificent Solution that questions whether the earth is a real, living being.

So what's your point?
My point is this....everyone has a different creative experience. But we don't live in a bubble so what we choose to create, whether it's personal or not, impacts others...even if we don't think that it does. It's like the domino's a chain reaction that echos out to our world...and beyond.
Good Doggie
etching by P.A. Margis