Why do I make art?
Well that’s a loaded question and to some extent unanswerable. But if I could take a stab at it, I’d say it was for multiple reasons. 

Firstly, I just like to create things.
I always have. I guess it’s my inner god. Poof! I just made something from a bunch of wet paint and canvas! Aren’t I something? OK so I’m not a super god and didn’t create spectacular things like planets, stars and galaxies or even skyscrapers but I’m usually ok with my creations. Not always, though, I do have my moments of failure that make me feel like I should just give it all up. But then it takes me all of 10 seconds to bounce back and recall an idea that I must paint. That constant need to express myself with color, forms and narrative always outweighs my previous failures. It’s that mixture of adventure, fun and desire to create that wins out in the end.

Secondly, it’s just the way I communicate.
Some people do it with words. I do it with paint, pencil and sculpting tools. I always have. Most of the time I have a massive amount to say on canvas and have to stop myself from going too far. I have a tendency to go deep into my thoughts and do a lot of “ya da ya da, did you know and what for”. In other words, I’m always questioning my message and whether to say a lot, a little or nothing. What do I want to pull out of myself simply to satisfy my own inner needs and wants?  What do I want to say or not say to others? Do I want to be quiet or loud and outspoken? Will people be interested in what I have to say? Do I care if they understand or are interested? Am I satisfied with the direction I’m taking? It simply varies depending at the time I create it.  

Thirdly, I’ve always been a visual person.
I look at the world through aesthetics, shapes and color. A tree is not just a tree to me. It’s a shape that I either like or want to transform. I’m not opposed to painting a blue or purple square tree or a scribbly green tree if they all appeal to me. It just depends on how mainstream or off beat I wish to go. That’s the beauty of art. 

Fourthly, most of my jobs have been under the umbrella of art. It’s a community that’s familiar to me. Like any community, there are those that I click with and those not so much. But being around artistic people is like being in a tribe. There’s strength and knowingness that happens. 

So why do I make art?

It’s in my soul, my spirit, my heart, my thoughts, my hands, my eyes. It’s who I am and how I view myself in this world.